Tahona Society Competition Rules and Guidelines


  • Must be 21+ and reside in a participating Tahona Society State – California, Texas & New York City to submit.
  • One cocktail recipe submission per participant
  • Austin submissions must be entered by Monday April 3rd (Midnight EST) to altos.liquor.com
  • New York submissions must be entered by Monday April 10th (Midnight EST) to altos.liquor.com
  • Los Angeles submissions must be entered by Friday April 14th (Midnight EST) to altos.liquor.com
  • Each submission must include the following:
    • One cocktail recipe adhering to the cocktail recipe criteria below
    • Photograph of the cocktail
    • Brief description of preparation method
    • Only 1 cocktail may be submitted per person.


  1. Each recipe must use Olmeca Altos Blanco, Reposado or Anejo as the base spirit.
  2. The maximum number of ingredients in the recipe is limited to 5 ingredients (including dashes and drops)
    1. Altos tequila base does not count as one of the 5 ingredients
    2. Garnish does not count as an ingredient.
    3. Any homemade ingredient that contains more than one ingredient will count as 1 ingredient (ie. Homemade syrups, shrubs, tonics)
  3. The recipe can be served in any serving vessel.
  4. Cocktail must have a unique name, chosen by the participant, which is inspired by the Tahona Society or Altos brand

Points may be deducted for going outside of criteria guidelines


Each cocktail will be judged per:

  • Drink Name: 10 points
  • Overall Taste and Flavor Balance: 30 points
  • Creativity and Originality of Recipe (Method, Innovation, Uniqueness, Culinary Skill): 20 points


Each cocktail will be judged per:

  • Drink Name: 10 points
  • Overall Taste and Flavor Balance: 30 points
  • Creativity and Originality of Recipe (Method, Innovation, Uniqueness, Culinary Skill): 20 points
  • Inspiration story: 20 points


  • Participants may bring their own bar tools or use supplied bar tools.
  • 5 participants will be selected from submissions to compete on the day of Tahona society. Contestants will be announced during the Tahona Society event.
  • Selected participants will then be required to make a cocktail inspired by their learnings at the Tahona society. This cocktail must be made of the supplied ingredients. Homemade ingredients will not be permitted.
  • The ingredients supplied will be juices, syrups, bitters and mixers standard to a cocktail bar along with a selection of Mexican culinary ingredients.


  • Cocktail recipes will be judged by Kevin Denton, Corporate Mixologist of Pernod Ricard USA & Josh Pearson, Manager, Brand Advocacy
  • Judges will score recipes according to outlined Judging Criteria
  • Top 5 scorers of submitted cocktail will create a new cocktail inspired by learnings at the Tahona Society for a panel of 3 live judges
  • Participants will have 30 minutes to survey supplied ingredients before making a cocktail.
  • Participants will have 7 minutes to prepare and assemble cocktail. Surpassing the 7 minute time limit will result in disqualification.
  • Participants will have up to 5 minutes to briefly present the cocktail and inspiration story to live judges. Surpassing the 5 minute time limit will result in disqualification.
  • Winner will be selected based on final scores using the live judging criteria

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Signature Cocktail Competition

  1. This is a spirit on spirit cocktail, with famous brand serving as the base spirit. No muddled fruit, juices and or syrups should be used in making a Signature. Fruits, herbs, essences and spices may be used in infusions however.
  2. Modifiers such as fortified wines, bitters, tinctures, infusions and citrus oils are acceptable variables in a Signature cocktail.
  3. The ratio of modifier(s) to base spirit (famous brand) should never exceed 50:50. The cocktail should be not exceed 3.5 oz.
  4. The Signatures' traditional garnishes are a citrus twist or olives. Cocktail onions are also an acceptable garnish. When thinking of new garnishes, let your imagination run wild.
  5. The cocktail can be served up or on the rocks. In addition, it may be stirred or shaken. Glassware and presentation are up to the contestants.

Judging Criteria

  1. Relevance to the Signature cocktail (20 points)
  2. Presentation and Appearance (20 points)
  3. Taste and Balance (30 points)
  4. elit Brand Awareness (20 points)
  5. Cocktail Name and Inspiration (10 points)

Compete in the
Altos Tahona

Competition Details

Bartenders will submit a recipe using Olmeca Altos Blanco, Reposado or Anejo to join the competition. Those with winning recipes will face-off at local Tahona events, where they will compete for an all-expenses paid trip to the finals in Mexico.


Entry & Judging






New York

Feb 21 - Apr 10


Los Angeles

Feb 21 - Apr 14

Austin Local Event

April 10

New York Local Event

April 17

Los Angeles Local Event

April 24

Finals in Mexico

Sept 17

The Prizes

The winners will travel to Arandas, Mexico in September to compete with finalists from around the world. The global winner will be crowned The Tahona Society's Global Ambassador for a year, and will give seminars in four countries of his or her choosing.

Evaluation Criteria

Creativity and Innovation

Spirits Knowledge

Knowledge of Classics

Genuine Hospitality

Ability to Read Guest's Needs

Speed and Efficiency

Good Presentation Style

The Judges

Your entries will be judged by these five cocktail and spirits luminaries from across the country.

Dre Masso

Jorge Fitz

Chris Bostick

Nacho Jimenez

Stone Dread

The entry deadline has passed.

See official rules and regulations

Spread the Word

Let your fellow bartenders know about the Altos Tahona Society Competition.